The execution of the divine plan by the Perfect Masters

All seers have announced the reign of this law of Truth. It operates both impersonally, and through the conscious working of the divine hierarchy of Masters and their Agents.

Though dwelling in the universal mind, with its seat as the universal body, the Truth-realized Masters do not neglect the coordinative and organized working required for the execution of the divine plan. Their plans for the world are made far in advance of the times, sometimes centuries before the time when they are intended to be executed. They dwell in eternity, and they have in their view the past, the present and the future. They are the custodians of God’s process of self-fulfillment, working itself out through the march of the variegated incidents in time.

The cooperative and organized working of the Perfect Masters expresses itself through the functioning of the spiritual hierarchy. The Masters, as one with the supreme Godhead, convey the divine will and impulse to the advanced souls or Mahayogis or Pirs of the Mental world. The advanced souls catch the impulse originating in the shoreless Truth, and pass it on from the Mental world to those who control the Subtle world. In the Gross world it may manifest itself through many natural upheavals, e.g. earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, floods, changes in the structure of the earth and of the ocean-bed. It may also manifest itself through the upheavals in the life of mankind (e.g. the rise and downfall of empires, wars, epidemics, births, deaths, catastrophes, and other major episodes in the history of humanity). All happenings in the history of humanity are subject to the divine plan, as released and implemented by the Perfect Masters through their Agents in the different worlds.

Thus the Masters are indirectly in charge of the execution of the divine plan. They make use of the infinite power and understanding to further that plan in all the three worlds. And their working gets particularly accelerated and coordinated during the Avataric periods, when the Avatar, as the inspiring force of the divine hierarchy, assumes the principal directive role in the divine task of giving a spiritual push to humanity.

-Sparks of the Truth, ed. C.D. Deshmukh (1967 edition), p57-60

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