The fabric of the Universe – The relation between cosmic power and the individualized soul

The relation between cosmic power and the individualized soul is unique. In the case of a perfect soul, the relation has been described fairly adequately through the Christian idea of trinity, which comprehends the three aspects of God: the Father (Creator and Preserver), the Son (Savior and Redeemer) and the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of truth or grace). This concept of Triunity (Three in One) grasps and expresses some important factors in the spiritual fabric of the universe. It should not be artificially equated with the Vedantic trinity of the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer, which reveals the fabric of the universe from a different point of view. All these are different ways of understanding the unitary and omnipotent power in the cosmos.

Much of the work of the Divine Incarnation is often done through his agents who carry on the duty entrusted to them by the Incarnation. The agents may be on the gross plane or on the inner planes. If they do not have a gross body they are invisible to ordinary people. They help persons in their ascent through the planes. Some agents fulfill the purpose of the Divine Incarnation unconsciously. They do not know consciously whence their impetus or inspiration comes. Other agents receive instructions from the Avatar and knowingly and voluntarily carry out these instructions.

Beams, p14


“To serve the God-Man, who serves all, is serving the universe.”
(Sparks of Truth, p95)

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