The four states of Ram (God) – Part 2 (Final)


The Ever-Conscious Paramatma of this fourth state, who comes down on this gross plane age after age when Maya is at its height, is called the Avatar. He is always the One, the same in whatever age and under whatever name he might have descended – Ram, Krishna or Buddha. There is a difference between a Sadguru and the Avatar, Rasool or Prophet. When a jivatma becomes Shivatma, and besides his divine consciousness regains gross consciousness, he is called a Sadguru – a man become God, Man-God. The Avatar has not to pass through the evolutionary or reincarnation processes. He is the Siddha-Purush, the Ancient One. Both have the same power, but from the viewpoint of their work on this gross plane, a vast difference exists in the work they do for the redemption of humanity.

Who was Ram? When you say Ram or Krishna, what is your idea behind it?

Ramdas Chaurasia answered, “The All-Powerful. There is nothing he cannot do.”

Baba stated, “If you repeat Ram inwardly and ask your heart who he is, a reply will surely come. Now return to Nagpur and start your japa.”, p3359
Jul, 1953; Dehra Dun

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