The Hidden Treasure of the Self

On Thursday morning, 16 November 1944, Baba visited the Buddhist Society in Nagpur. Adi Sr. read out the message, The Hidden Treasure of the Self. The following is an excerpt:

There is no creature that is not destined for the supreme goal, even as there is no river that is not on its winding way to the ocean. But in the human form alone is consciousness so developed that it is capable of reflecting and expressing the glory and perfection of his own true and higher Self — which is at the same time the Self of all.

One by one, the multi-colored attachments to the false have to be relinquished, and one by one the sanskaric fagots [twigs] that feed the deceptive fires of the separative ego have to be surrendered in favor of the imperative claims of the invincible flame of the Truth. The clouds of sanskaras have to disappear completely before the sky of consciousness is illumined by the inextinguishable light of God, Who is the Real Self of all. My mission is to help you to inherit this hidden treasure of the Self, and all who earnestly seek it have my blessings., p2449
Nov, 1944; Nagpur

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