The Inviolable Unity of Life

It is my God-ordained work to awaken humanity to the inviolable¬†unity and inalienable divinity of all life. Know that you are in¬†essence eternal, and heirs to infinite knowledge, bliss and power.¬†In order to enjoy your unlimited state, all that is necessary is to¬†shed your ignorance which makes you feel that you are separate¬†from the rest of life. The separative ego or “I” can disappear only¬†through divine love, which will be my gift to mankind.

Let those who hearken to my call prepare themselves to render real service to mankind. Let them make it conscious of its oneness, irrespective of the apparent divisions of class, sect or creed. I do not attach importance to beliefs or dogmas. It is not what you believe but what you are that will ultimately count.

The Truth which I want you to share with me is not a matter of¬†opinion or belief but of direct experience which knows no contradiction, and which will make you realize that nothing in this world is worth being greedy about, and that there need not be any hatred, jealousy or fear. Then, and only then, will man launch himself upon the safe voyage of unending creativity and unfading happiness which knows no decay or fear; he will have transcended the duality of “I” and “you,” “mine” and “thine.”

-Life At Its Best, p60


”¬†It is not¬†what you believe but what you are that will ultimately count.”

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