The New Life: Baba accepts Todi Singh’s request to offer bhiksha (Part -2 of 3)

Todi Singh made one final appeal, “Keep these tins of butter and send them to Baba.”

“I cannot interfere with His conditions on anyone’s behalf. I don’t even know if Baba will see me!”

“All right,” Todi Singh relented, “I am staying in a nearby dharamshala. If Baba meets you, kindly tell Him about the tins, and also that I am eager to feed Him!” Todi Singh then left, and Keka dismissed the whole episode. (“Meher Baba’s New Life”, p307)

…The meal [Pulao brought by Kumar to the Waiting Hall at Dehra Dun Railway station] was finished and Baba inquired, “What is to be done about food during our stay in Manjri Mafi? We are only accepting food given in bhiksha.”

Keka Nalavala suddenly remembered Todi Singh, but since he was not allowed to mention anyone from the Old Life, he kept quiet.

Baba suddenly turned to him and asked, “What are you thinking? Why don’t you speak out?”

“Were I to tell you, it would be against Your orders.”

“When I ask you on my own, you must tell me.”

Keka then told Baba about Todi Singh, who had earlier expressed the wish to give Him food in bhiksha.

Baba immediately sent Keka to get Todi Singh.

When Todi Singh was brought before Baba, he fell prostrate at Baba’s feet, shedding tears of joy. Then, with folded hands, he implored Baba to accept the tins of butter he had brought. Baba gestured for him to sit beside Him and patted him on the back. He accepted the tins and teased him, asking. “You have brought the tins, but who will cook the edibles in clarified butter?”

“Baba, Jane” (pronounced ja-nee). Todi Singh replied, meaning “Baba knows”.

“Are you ready to give food in bhiksha for ten days?”

“Baba jane,” was Todi Singh’s only answer to every question asked of him, so he was nicknamed “Baba jane.”

Baba invited him to come and cook for the party, beginning on January 15th.

Todi Singh was ecstatic. Though he was the sole supplier of cream to Keventer’s, the butter and cheese manufacturing company famous in the time of the British, this wealthy man began jumping up and down and dancing, declaring what a great blessing he had received. (“Meher Baba’s New Life”, p309)


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