The New Life: Baba’s Sermon – Part-1


Being just now in the Old Life for these few hours, I will tell you what I feel to be the established divine facts:

Essentially, we are all One. The feeling of our being otherwise is due to ignorance. Soul desires consciousness to know itself; but in its progress towards the Goal, which it cannot realize independently of creation, it must undergo the experience which it gathers as the individualized ego, and which is all imagination. Thus, it is faced at the outset with ignorance instead of Knowledge.

Dual forms and illusionary creations are the outcome of ignorance. Birth and death, happiness and misery, virtue and sin, good and bad — all are equally the manifestation of the same ignorance. You were never born and will never die; you never suffered and will never suffer; you ever were and ever will be, as separateness exists only in imagination.

Soul undergoes experience through innumerable forms such as being king and beggar, rich and poor, tall and short, strong and weak, beautiful and ugly, of killing and being killed.

All these experiences must transpire as long as the Soul — though it is One in reality and undivided — imagines separateness in itself. When Soul is bereft of the impressions of these illusionary experiences, it becomes naked as in its origin, to become now fully conscious of its unity with the Oversoul which is One, Indivisible, Real and Infinite., p2939
16 October 1951; Mahabaleshwar

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