The New Life: Manonash concluding phase – Rites, rituals and ceremonies of all religions consumed in the flames

After walking ten miles from Imampur, Baba reached Meherazad in the afternoon of Friday, 23 November, 1951, with Eruch, Pendu, Baidul and Gustadji.

Besides repairing the cabins, Padri had erected a small shed for Eruch, Pendu, Baidul and Gustadji.

On 26 November, Baba conveyed to Mehera and Mani, “My 40-days’ work has been completely successful, but the remaining 80 days of work is of utmost significance.”

From Saturday, 1 December 1951, Baba fasted for four days only on water, and then for three days more on liquids. At one point, he remarked, “I feel that I am dying every moment. I die and die badly!”

Because of inclement weather, Baba asked Padri to dismantle the two cabins on the hill, and within a week reassemble them into a single unit below at Meherazad.

On Saturday, 15 December 1951, Baba retired to the now joined cabins at Meherazad; but before going into seclusion, at about 8:30 A.M.

“The Manonash seclusion work was climaxing,” Age observed, “and the Mind of Man was terrified. It became immobile with fear as it faced its impending annihilation by the Mind of all minds!” [Extracted from LM pp3018-27]

Baba stepped out of his cabin at 7:00 P.M.[ on 31st January 1952] and the dhuni was lit. Eruch read the following as dictated by Baba:

O Source of Infinite Knowledge, Almighty God! You know that I did all that was humanly possible for me, in this ordinary state, and I leave the result entirely to Your will and sanction. For its fulfillment, may the moment, the hour, the day, the month, the year, the yug [age] be as You have decreed and destined.

From this moment You must guide me to declare, in all truth, by the 16th of February 1952, what You have decided.

From now on I free myself from external religious ceremonies that I observed during the New Life and the Manonash period.

Baba had previously instructed Eruch to write these words down on a piece of paper: “All rites, rituals and ceremonies of all religions of the world are hereby consumed in the flames.”

Baba had the paper in his pocket, and as the dhuni burned he took it out, tore it into pieces, threw it into the flames, and watched it burn.

When the dhuni died out, Baba filled two tins with its ash. “This ash should not be used by anyone for any purpose whatsoever,” he stated. The tins were kept with the other boxes and tins containing the masts’ gifts. Baba then retired to his cabin.

The next morning, Friday, 1 February 1952, at 7:58 A.M., Baba came out of his seclusion cabin. No sooner did he step out than Nilu, according to Baba’s order, loudly invoked “Om Parabrahma Paramatma!” and then all of the companions repeated the same in unison: “Om Parabrahma Paramatma!”

Age joined them ecstatically, as Baba ended his seclusion. Mind was subdued and the God-Man, appearing triumphant, strolled victoriously to his room!, p3027
31 January 1952; Meherazad

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