The New Life: Prayers in langoti at Sarnath

Entrance to the subterranean rooms where Baba and companions did prayers wearing langoti

On the harsh, cold morning of December 7, Baba walked back to the underground rooms in the subterranean passages of the Sarnath ruins with his men companions, each man clad only in langotis – loincloths. Almost completely naked, every man shivered painfully in the bitter cold. Each companion was handed a copy of the prayer to be offered. Sitting down on the steps, Baba directed each to read the prayer silently in his mind for 15 minutes when he signaled to begin.

Sitting on the steps, all gazed at Baba, who smilingly signaled them to begin silently repeating the following prayer:
“God, give me strength to follow the conditions 100 percent.
God, help me to speak the truth, and not to tell a lie under any circumstances.
God, help me to control anger, and to keep away from lusty and greedy desires.
God, help me to be just, fair, honest and kind toward my companions, and toward those who come into contact with me.”

After 15 minutes, Baba signaled to the companions to put on their clothes and stand in a line.
Baba’s face burst into a brilliant glow exhibiting his complete satisfaction with the fulfillment of his work.

Returning from the underground rooms that day, Baba, along with the companions, went to see the gardener. Sant Mali smiled at them and joyously folded his hands in salutation. Baba praised the man, “See, even in this bitter cold, he is sleeping on this broken cot in the open. He cooks for himself and has only one cooking pot. All year round, he eats only boiled rice with salt. Getting up at four in the morning, he begins repeating “Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram.” He goes to the well for a bath every morning at four, and works in the garden the whole day. He needs nothing and is always happy. He delights in presenting me with five radishes daily. He desires nothing, because he is a saint. His only desire is for Thakur [Lord]; and for that, his Thakur [Baba] has come to visit him today.”, p2841 and p2842
December, 1949; Sarnath (Training and Practice period)

Photo source: “Meher Baba’s New Life”, Bhau Kalcuri



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