The Real Work – Part 2


Take another example: Bapiraju says, “Meher Baba is the Avatar of the Age. Love him, he is the only one worthy of love. Don’t get angry, swallow anger,” et cetera. At that very moment, someone slaps him, and Bapiraju instantly forgets all about love and retaliates. What would people think? You will get thoughts of anger, but do not express them. If you don’t get them, you will be like an inanimate object. Your mind may be angry, but your heart should not know about it. If Bapiraju cannot do it, then he should not preach to others.

It is easy to sway ignorant crowds, but would you help Baba any if you make efforts to collect thousands? If it is my wish, you could gather millions.

Suppose I tell Bapiraju to sit under a tree, and Ranga Rao goes and tells people a saint is sitting under the tree. Thousands would come for Bapiraju’s darshan and garland him. But will Baba’s work be done by collecting people in this way? Personally, I do not want large crowds. I want real, sincere souls.

Baba related the example of Fakir Bua:

There was a man named Fakir Bua from Poona, who was in the Mad Ashram here. Once one Mohammedan from Poona came to see him. He stayed here for a day or two. When the Mad Ashram was demolished, all the mad were sent back to their respective places, and Fakir Bua to Poona. See how false rumors involve ignorant people! Fakir Bua was stark mad. India is full of a spiritual atmosphere. When Fakir Bua returned to Poona, the Muslim spread the rumor that Fakir Bua was with me for a few months and that he was my chargeman, because the Muslim found him making peculiar signs with his fingers. This Fakir Bua, today, has a hoard of admirers and is considered a saint, whereas in truth, he is quite mad!


–Date and place: May 1955; Meherabad
Lord Meher (First Ed), p4732 (Revised 2014), p3793

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