The Roads to Realization

According to the sages, there are three different roads to Realization, as shall now be described.

The first of these roads—the shortest, quickest, and easiest—is Sat-sangam (company and residence with a Saint), which entails, in addition to companionship, the seva (service) performed according to his order. This road to Realization may be compared to a special train.

The second road, to be undertaken in the absence of a Guru or Spiritual Guide (who offers what is by far the easiest of the different pathways), is to repeat one name of God with all love (ek nam japvu, premthi nam smaran karvu) and to perform jan seva (service to humanity) to the best of one’s ability and power. This can be compared to a passenger train.

The third road (to be followed, again, only in the absence of a Guru or Spiritual Guide) is longer and harder. It consists of strictly observing and following all the rules and regulations of the shariat (laws of religion) not mechanically but with all heart and sincerity; and one should act well according to the dictates of these laws. This path to God can be compared to a goods train.

There is no other way except these three, and those who do not succeed in finding any of them are doomed to remain as they are, wandering hither and thither around the world aimlessly even for ages together. Meanwhile, from a spiritual standpoint, they lie unmoving and make absolutely no progress at all on the path towards God-realization or Truth.

It is for this reason—that is, to spare humanity at large this painful necessity—that the great Masters, Avatars, and Prophets have taught the shariat the third path and, in doing so, have given out splendid rules and regulations in the name of religion, rules that lead to better conduct in life generally on the part of the many millions in the masses of all the various classes of the world. These rules and regulations laid down in the name of religion are such as easily to be grasped, understood, and practiced with reverence by the many.

As to their own disciples, however, these fortunate ones the Masters carry with them by the first road—that is, the special train, which is the shortest, quickest, and easiest way. Thus the Masters impart Realization to their disciples and free them from the ceaseless rounds of births and deaths. This treasure of Realization is given only to a very few, however, who are disciples of the inner circle.

To others, devotees of the outer circle who are able to follow the bhakti and seva margs (the paths of devotion and service), to these the Masters give special teachings, and they prepare them accordingly, leaving the bare principles of religion and shariat for the masses.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p56
31-May-1926; Meherabad



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