The Sanctification of Married Life – Married life utterly different from promiscuity

Married life almost always makes many demands upon both partners for mutual adjustment and understanding, and creates many problems that were not originally expected.  Though this might in a sense be true of life  in general, it is particularly true of married life. In married life two souls get linked in many ways, with the result that they are called upon to tackle the whole complex problem of personality rather than any simple problem created by some isolated desire. This is precisely why married life is utterly different from promiscuous sexual relations. Promiscuous sex attempts to separate the problem of sex from other needs of the developing personality and seeks to solve it in isolation from them. Although this kind of solution might seem to be easy, it turns out to be very superficial and has the further disadvantage of sidetracking aspirants from attempting the real solution.

-Discourses 7th Ed., p104


“To love those whom you could not hate is natural; but to love those whom you cannot love is to love me as I should be loved.”
(, p5109)

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