The significance of prasad

On another afternoon, the men were invited to Baba’s House and then all assembled in the garden where Baba was seated. Charles Purdom, later wrote, “The atmosphere gradually became more and more surcharged with the sweetness of His love.” He continued:

“Baba told the men to fan out so that they might catch the candy He would throw to each. Eruch held a bowl and Baba told him to stand to His side. Baba began tossing in His usual way, i.e., looking in one direction and throwing in another! When the candy was not caught it was returned to Eruch, as Baba said it was not to be retained as prasad.

Baba explained: ‘This is not a game.’ It was a link between Himself and each lover, for the future. After everyone had caught his prasad, and some had a rough time doing it, the group gathered in front of Baba and He began to explain the significance of prasad: ‘It is the gift of God to man. If you eat with the feeling that it is that, you benefit; but if you eat it as mere candy, it has no meaning. Don’t give the candy to someone else.’ It was to be eaten immediately by the recipient.”

-Love Alone Prevails, Kitty Davy, p531

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