The Two Aspects of Divinity – Part 2 (Final)



Further, both the aspects of God referred to not only affect humanity individually and collectively, but their intensity and force are directly in proportion to each other and they assert themselves in cyclic waves. Now that the destructive phase is about to weaken, the aspect of divine beatitude is nearly due to come into force; and to invite humanity to avail themselves of this blessedness to come is my divine mission in life.

As in the present world catastrophe, even the guilty and not guilty, the combatants and non-combatants, have suffered intensely physically and mentally, similarly, in the Self-beatitude aspect of God that is to be manifest in the near future, not only the deserving but the non-deserving as well, have as good a chance of being the recipients of divine grace, provided they are wide awake to the situation, which will be a cyclic dispensation, rare and unique.

My blessings to all those who have heard my message and those who have not.

–, p2442
November, 1944; Nagpu

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