Constant practice of virtue

By a special dispensation of GOD, also, the very highest type of devotee whose whole being is permanently focussed on the Divine Beloved, is as completely exempt from the law of karma as the Dnyani [God-Realized being]. Unlike the Dnyani, however, such a devotee is utterly ignorant of this exemption. But the ordinary devotee, no matter how sincere in his devotion, remains bound by the law of karma, and so his best course is to apply this law to his own spiritual advantage by the constant practice of virtue and the constant abstention from evil. And when he fails in virtue, or falls into sin, he must throw himself on the boundless mercy of GOD and ask His forgiveness.
[The Repentance prayer for forgiveness was uttered and Baba participated in it.]

-The Awakener, p6, Vol 1 No. 1, July, 1953



“I contain within myself both your good and bad actions and keep you clean. I am infinitely pure and purify every bit of dirt in my Infinite Ocean. So, dedicating both good and bad to me, everyone should become pure.”
(, p3420)



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