The Working of the Avatar [5/6] –  Avatar exercises Qadar only when He deems it absolutely necessary


Kabir has said:

 Kabir rekha karam kee kabhee na meete Ram
 Meetanhar samarth hai para samajh kiya hai kam.

O Kabir! The lines of fate are never effaced by Rama; He is
All-powerful and can undo destiny, but He never does so for
He has given full thought to what He has planned.

The Avatar does not as a rule interfere with the working out of human destinies. He will do so only in times of grave necessity— when He deems it absolutely necessary from His all- encompassing point of view. For a single alteration in the planned and imprinted pattern in which each line and dot is interdependent, means a shaking up and a re-linking of an unending chain of possibilities and events. The least divergence from the pre-drawn line of Fate not only requires infinite adjustments within the immediate orbit of the individual concerned, but involves in its interminable repercussions all those connected by the bond of past sanskaras.

-The Everything and the Nothing, p107

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