Their questions had been answered

During a tour that Meher Baba took through Andhra Pradesh, thousands of people came for His darshan. Most of them had come just to be in His presence and to enjoy His company, but several had questions to ask.

When any of the latter presented a question, Baba would ask that it be written down together with the name and address of the questioner and promised that at the end of the tour He would send each person a reply. All slips were to be given to Pukar, a lover from Hamirpur, who was one of our travelling companions, and in a short time Pukar had collected hundreds of slips.

A few days after His return to Meherazad, Baba called Pukar and asked for the slips of paper. Pukar however replied, “Baba, many people wrote out questions for You, but some returned after a few hours and others after a few days and requested me to return their slips. They all said that their questions had been answered. I had hundreds of slips to start with, but now I do not have a single slip!”

On hearing this, Baba put on a mischievous expression of ignorance and said, “Is that so? I am happy!”

Such are the unfathomable ways of the Ancient One.

-The Ancient One, p105

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