“To drive away thoughts means not to entertain other irrelevant thoughts”

[Baba asked His lovers to maintain ‘internal silence’ by keeping away all thoughts except of ‘the Divine Theme’. Here is a part of the Discourse.]

To drive away thoughts means not to entertain or encourage other irrelevant thoughts.

…If you do it conscientiously, there will be no failing because it is I who makes you do it, and it is I who takes upon myself the responsibility. You are not to concern yourself with the result; otherwise, if you were to do it yourself of your own accord, it would be a very laborious process. You have to keep this thought predominant in your mind: “I have to do it for Baba, and not for my individual advancement.”

Now, while you are thinking of the [Divine Theme] chart, its explanation, figure, color, et cetera, if, in spite of your efforts, other thoughts do intervene, what will you do? You have to try not to let them, not with fear but with love for Baba. If you have these thoughts, don’t despair that you have failed and are unable to observe internal silence. You can’t keep your mind free of thoughts, even for twelve seconds. That I know.

Just continue putting up a fight with all these thoughts — whether you win or the thoughts win, this is not the point at issue.

It is no concern of yours. You have just to put up a fight, sincerely and continuously. And my key will turn in such a way that you will really get various thoughts! It is because I want you to fight the battle and win.

You have simply to concentrate on the chart, the explanation, figure and colors which will automatically enable you to keep your mind away from other thoughts. Where is the question of a fight if you don’t get other thoughts? And, for my own reasons, I want you to keep on fighting mentally during these hours.

Don’t lose without a fight. Don’t take defeat lying down without fighting against the strongest of thoughts.

-www.lordmeher.org, p2342
May, 1943; Meherabad

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