To worry is a weakness


During this occasion, a musician was distressed because he could not compose at times. Baba consoled him, “You should not worry over it or be anxious. As a matter of fact, there is nothing in the world to worry about! This is weakness. Never worry. I will help you spiritually – and not with words!”

Thereafter, the wife of the composer was called in and she said, “I was a skeptic, but after meeting you, my illness which has troubled me for years has left me. I feel mentally perplexed and physically stiff at times. Perhaps it is because I eat meat.”

Baba indicated to her, “It is not a question of food or eating meat. You may eat it. Your heart is pure and that is enough. Do one thing: stop worrying. I shall help you and your husband.”

–, p1281
Sept, 1931; London



 “With my authority I tell you that your desperate situation will clear up if you keep firm, and dedicate all your thoughts and worries to me.”
(, p3980)

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