Turn into dust; only then will you do my work!


The Poona Centre lovers would come to Guruprasad and describe all the work they were doing for Baba, boasting: “We held such and such a program there … We had to face many difficulties … We worked so hard … We sang such beautiful bhajans that people were wonderstruck … Our lecture created a great impression,” and so on. Baba would listen to them and praise them for their efforts.

Once, when their boasts went too far, sending for Baidul, Baba stated, “Tomorrow, visit the Telugus’ locality and speak to them about me. Take Krishna Bundellu’s father with you and do the work well.”

Baidul did as ordered. When the Poona Center workers appeared the following afternoon, Baba asked Baidul, “Tell me in detail what you did yesterday.”

“Yesterday’s work went off very well, Baba,” replied Baidul. “The Andhraites were impressed and all are coming here for your darshan.”

“Then you have done a good job, haven’t you?”

“Yes, very good work was done. I was roaming about the area all day long and got quite exhausted. I did a lot of work.”

“What? You wild barbarian, jungli Irani! Have you the face to do such work? What work could you possibly do? Who knows you? Don’t you realize that I alone do my work?”

“Yes, Baba, only you do the work.”

“Then why do you take credit for it, saying that you did it?” Baba asked, “You were quite put upon to do it, weren’t you?”

“Yes, Baba. I became very tired from the hot sun, moving about the whole day.”

“But what is so great in that? If there was a will to obey me, you would not have spoken about tiredness. You should be ashamed to say such things in my presence. Turn into dust; only then will you do my work! Why do you praise yourself? You are full of ego! What work of mine can you ever do? Only he who sincerely believes that Baba alone does his work can help me. Have you the faith to do any work?”

Thus Baba kept berating Baidul, and the Poona workers, sitting as silent statues, listened. Baidul was made the target to teach them a lesson, and from that day on they never boasted about their achievements. To impart a moral to others, Baba would always use the mandali as targets, as they could bear the wounds he inflicted.

—www.lordmeher.org (old), p5589

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