“Wake up from the dream!” – Baba grace alone can awaken us from vacant dream

Then Baba tells her: “Ella, that was a dream when you slept. But now I say this is another dream; while you are living and working, while you are sitting here near me, all that you see here, this New York City, and my lovers here, and Baba himself sitting here, it is nothing but illusion; it is a dream.”

Then Ella says: “Baba, this is too much! I cannot believe that because I see them, I hear them. I see you here, sitting near me, explaining to me.” Still, Baba insists, saying to Ella, it is nothing but a dream. Then after years, after Baba’s grace descends, Ella suddenly wakes up from this vacant dream, and what does she find? She finds only God is real and infinite. When she experiences that bliss, that infinite bliss, unlimited, continuous, then she realizes what Baba said was true.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3994
Jul, 1956;  New York

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