What does doing nothing mean?

Baba then related stories about Upasni Maharaj to Bhau. One story was about a man named Taramek, who lived with Maharaj at Sakori and used to look after affairs in the ashram. Durgabai Karmarkar was also there, but rarely would she do any work. One day they got into an argument. Maharaj told them to leave, because both had a love for money. There was another man named Mahadev. He was a farmer who loved Maharaj very much, and he did nothing but remember Maharaj all day long. One day the question arose at the ashram about Taramek working the whole day, but Mahadev doing no work at all. Maharaj said, “Those who do nothing for years together perform the most arduous work. To do nothing for years is great tapa (penance).”

Baba added, “Jawaharlal Nehru and Churchill, who hold the keys to their nations, do a great deal of work. But the mast Nilkanth, who does nothing and remains lying on his cot all day, does infinitely greater work than Nehru!

“What does doing nothing mean? To eat is work, to fast is also work; to sleep is work and to remain awake is work. The remedy then is: Whatever work is entrusted to us, if done according to the wishes of the person entrusting it, we have done nothing.


--www.lordneher.org, p3313
April, 1953; Dehra Dun

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