What is the difference between destiny and fate or chance?


On Tuesday, 4 May 1937, in the living room before breakfast, Malcolm asked Baba, “What is the difference between destiny and fate or chance?” Baba answered:

Destiny is the divine law or will which guides us through our numerous existences. Every soul must experience happiness and unhappiness, virtue and vice, from the very commencement of its evolution up to that goal which is the Realization of God.

Fate is based on karma; that law of cause and effect which governs the events of our present life as well as those of our future lives. Through evolution the soul receives, by means of the spirit, the impressions or sanskaras.

The processes which create the experiences and later the elimination of these impressions can be called fate, fortune, luck or chance.

Destiny, or the goal that souls have to attain, is the Realization of God; but actually fate is different for every individual. If you can imagine, we can compare destiny to a load of 700 tons of happiness and unhappiness, vice or virtue, which every soul has to carry throughout its existence. One soul carries 700 tons of iron, another soul the same weight in steel, others lead or gold. The weight is always the same, only the kind of matter changes. The impressions of each individual vary and the acquired sanskaras form the structure and the condition of the future life of every individual. Hence, destiny is one, but fate is varied and different for each.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1831
May, 1937; Nasik?

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