When the Avatar descends on earth

Many souls from other planets also take birth on earth during an Avataric age. Although there are numberless planets with evolving forms, only 18,000 are populated by human beings. However, people dwelling on the other 18,000 planets have no opportunity to advance spiritually. Spiritually speaking, they are totally “dry” — without love. They are far advanced in science, so much so that people of some worlds can read the minds of others; but the heart does not flower where there is no Wine to water it, nor Song to feed it. These worlds are bereft of the physical presence of the Avatar or Perfect Masters, and are not inhabited by lovers of God or advanced souls. The Wineshop is only on earth, and those born here are truly fortunate.

When the Avatar descends on earth, people from other planets take birth here. Because they are highly advanced scientifically, science in this world reaches its zenith during the Avatar’s advent. At the same time, there is a population explosion, which is being witnessed.

Divine love is experienced only on earth, and for this reason, to escape the overhanging clouds of suffering, people take shelter in the lane of Love.

www.lordmeher.org, p3579
25 February 1954; Tadepalligudem (Andhra)

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