Won the heart of the Ancient One, the controller of the human empires

Besides Avatar’s Abode, another subject of repeated discussions at this time was whether or not Amar Singh Saigal would be reelected to India’s parliament in the upcoming elections. Baba would state, regarding his campaign: “He has got no money. You know he is honest and I have told him to be honest. I have ordered him to stay in parliament only if he remains honest. So how can he get reelected when he has got no money and others are spending like mad to transport voters to the polls?”

On the day of the election, during one point in the counting, Amar Saigal was trailing by more than 20,000 votes and his defeat seemed certain. Baba cabled him: “Worry not what the result will be as you have won the heart of the Ancient One in whose hands rest the rise and fall of human empires.”

Pendu was in his room listening to the results on the radio. He became excited about the election and insisted to Baba that he help Amar Saigal to win. When the final count was declared, Saigal was reelected by 1,000 votes.

-www.lordmeher.org, p5261
Jan/Feb, 1967; Meherazad

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