Yogis, Majzubs, Saliks, and Ordinary Humans – Part-2

Now the yogis, having to a certain limited extent come to know of the falseness of the seeming existence of this world—and indeed, the whole universe as well through satsang or “reading” or “hearing,” that is, by one means or another, have renounced that world, owing to previously accumulated sanskaras, and so do not care to look in that direction (towards Maya) that the ordinary people of the world, the masses of humanity, do. Instead, they turn their eyes back from that deadly and destructive Maya-of-the-world with its attachments, prompted to do so by their extreme desire and longing to see what lies in this other direction which leads to the Truth, that Truth about which, in the beginning, they had not the first inkling, let alone actual direct sight! This turning of theirs towards Reality and Truth, along with their desires and sincere efforts and exertions towards the attainment of this aim, has enabled them to make some certain progress. Gradually they win some return for their longings and labors, in the acquisition of a certain amount of knowledge and experience of the planes through which they rise step by step, even as we do here—

And as he said this, Shri turned and climbed step by step back towards the room in which he and the mandali had previously been sitting:

Eventually, after tremendous trials and untold difficulties, these yogis rise, at best, to the sixth plane, from which vantage point they actually see the Reality, Truth, the Fountain of Light Eternal—just as we at this moment from this the sixth step can see inside the room (which represents the Sat-Chit¬-Anand state) with the three items of clothing hanging from the wall opposite (representing supreme Knowledge, Bliss, and Power of the Truth in the state of Realization). Now, at this juncture one meets with a check and has to stop. For this stage constitutes the limit for yogis such as these. They have to remain satisfied with only seeing the Truth. They can’t proceed further through their own efforts, as they were able to do until now, but only by the grace of One who has experienced and realized the Truth, who has not only seen that Truth but become one with It—that Eternal Light—and who, having done so. has been able to return for the duty of making others -experienced” even as he himself is and helping them to merge in oneness with the Light of Truth.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p323
28-November-1926; Lonavala

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