Yogis, Majzubs, Saliks, and Ordinary Humans – Part-4 (Final)

This threshold (umbar) that you see here is the junction, the crossing between the Paramanand and human states. The Salik establishes his seat on this junction, gathers around himself those prepared for the Paramanand state and experience (gained when one crosses between the sixth and seventh planes), keeps in that seventh-plane state those who, like Majzubs, are not destined to return back down there (to creation-consciousness), and enables those others to play out their part (meaning, in short, his circle members) whose duty it is, he thinks, to return to the world and bring back selected ones just as he himself has done. And when his duty (of bringing a certain number from world-consciousness, giving them that Experience of experiences, and preparing his circle) has been completed, he retires and sits quietly at rest in the Sat-Chit-Anand state of the seventh plane, entrusting his duties to those of his circle whom he has prepared for this task. And so on and on it goes.

From this explanation you can see that the Real Truth, which is the Paramanand state, is at your back, even though you worldly people do not care to turn and see it, but look only in the opposite direction, towards Maya. Yogis, however, do care, and indeed, exert themselves to see what is at their back. They get some return for this effort in the form of experiences of the planes of consciousness; and eventually they see the Fountain of Light—though even this exalted experience is not advisable if one is proceeding without the aid of a Guru. Those who have been fortunate enough to arrive at and enter the seventh plane—which they do by crossing all these steps, with the aid of a Guru. of course—not only see but actually enjoy that state of Bliss. Of these, there are some—only a few, who can be called Saliks—who come back down from that high station and return to it again, down and up, at will.

For this reason, you should try always to cultivate the burning desire to see the Fountain of Light so that eventually you may win that Real Knowledge and attain to that state of Eternal Bliss. Towards that end and aim, secure the protection and proper guidance of a realized Guru and remain in his company and sahavas. This is the easiest and best course. All other methods, such as yon and tap-jap-vrat, the ways of individual effort and exertion, are too hard and beset with tremendous difficulties, to the point where, eventually, you will be forced to seek the aid and grace of a realized Guru. Without his help and grace you can never attain to the highest state and reach the goal of Truth. In short, take advantage of the guidance of a Guru now when it is available, rather than waiting until you are forced to do it, which will eventually come to pass anyway.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p325
28-November-1926; Lonavala


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