“You can draw me in my Real Form through love”

After spending a short while in his room, Baba was brought to the hall where the Hamirpur group had gathered, including several people from Kanpur, Jalaun, Barda and Jhansi. Baba began:

I also belong to Hamirpur. I have connection with Hamirpur from ages past. This is the reason that I have gone to Hamirpur twice, and so many lovers come from there. Nothing happens without a purpose. Now, physically, it is not possible for me to visit Hamirpur again. So you should all endeavor to increase my love. Remember me more and more day by day so that others may also begin to love me. You can draw me to you with your love. You cannot draw me there in this body, but you can draw me in my Real Form.

I have said so many times before, and repeat it again, that he who takes my name when breathing his last will come to me. A lover of mine, Curshed Talati, has recently died in London. He had heart trouble. Despite it, in his last moments, he cried out my name. When his mother in Bombay came to know of his passing away, she accepted it calmly and peacefully. She did not weep. She was happy that with Baba’s blessing, her son died with my name on his lips and was with me.

Even a child has some sort of understanding of death, but still one forgets to remember me in his last moments. It is great good fortune to take my name while dying. But if you really love as I should be loved, you will become immortal!

-www.lordmeher.org, p4271
Feb, 1958; 1958 Sahavas, Meherabad


“Let nothing shake your faith in me and all your bindings will be shaken off.”
(-www.lordmeher.org (Revised 2014), p4237)

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