“Love me, and your worries will vanish!”


If you were dreaming and I appeared in your dream and told you that you were dreaming, it is not real — you would say: “Baba, I am enjoying these things; I know they are real.” It is hard to understand. In your awake dream I tell you now, nothing is real, so don’t worry.

How to stop? Think of me, love me.

Christ said with divine authority, “Your sins are forgiven,” and I say with divine authority, “Love me, and your worries will vanish!”

Reality is impossible to describe and it is difficult to attain. One in a million becomes a lover of God, and of a million lovers, only one gets Realization. It sounds impossible. Baba says, you have an opportunity because I am here with you and I say: “Love me.”

www.lordmeher.org, p4095
Aug, 1956; Australia

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