Mere intellectual understanding is not sufficient


In the town of Domel, a Punjabi gentleman approached Baba while Baba was reclining on his seat in the bus, and asked if he believed in the Bhagavad Gita. Baba gave him a succinct reply:

“I not only believe in it, I experience it every moment! God is to be seen and actually experienced. Mere intellectual understanding is not sufficient. You may read Shastras [Hindu scriptures] for the rest of your life, but that will not take you an inch nearer to God if you have no desire to see Him, to experience Him, or to know Him.”

Before the man departed, he asked Baba, “Would it be selfish on my part if I ask you to pray for us sinners?”

Baba spelled on the alphabet board, “Blessings,” and the man smiled contentedly and left., p1185
June, 1930; Kashmir


“Constant prayer and selfless service are both vital in turning the mind away from worldly things and directing it toward spirituality.”

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