The power of faith cured patients

Unbeknownst, another doctor of sorts was also treating people in Satara. Years ago in Iran, Baidul acted as a doctor and used to cure those afflicted by invoking Baba’s name and intervention, and then administering boiled garlic oil. In Satara, he would sit under a tree away from their bungalow, and seventy to eighty persons would daily come for treatment. Baidul would quickly dispense with his patients, giving the same medicine to every person no matter what the ailment was, and return to Rosewood within half an hour.

Residing near Rosewood was a Christian civil surgeon, whose young son was much troubled by a chronic throat ailment. The surgeon had done his utmost to cure the boy, but to no effect. One day, Baidul visited the family, and the doctor’s wife told him about her son’s affliction. Baidul immediately gave his “medicine” of garlic to the boy, and amazingly the boy recovered in a few days.

September 5th was Pendu’s birthday. That evening, the mandali were sitting in Rosewood wondering how to celebrate it.

Unannounced, a servant from the civil surgeon appeared carrying a box full of freshly made sweets. He inquired, “Where is the doctor saheb?” Nilu and Donkin were pointed out, but the man said, “No, no, the other doctor who visits the civil surgeon.” Since no one knew of Baidul’s secret activity, they did not know whom he meant. At that moment Baidul entered the room, and the man said, “Here is the man. I wanted this doctor. His treatment has proven beneficial to my master’s son. He has sent this for him.”

Soon after this incident, Baba had Baidul stop acting as a doctor. Baidul’s power was not in his medicine, but in his taking Baba’s name whenever he consulted someone who was afflicted.

Baba later said:

“It is Baidul’s firm faith that my name would cure the patients, and that made the tonic work. Had he the slightest doubt, the faintest speck of wavering about it, it would not have worked, and no one would have recovered.” (Old), p4644
5th Sept 1955;Satara

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