13 Aug 2012 – I want you, Baba!

The mansion of the Maharani (Queen) ofSaharanpurwas adjacent to Meher Baba’s bungalow at101 Rajpur Road. The queen’s name was Mohini and she lived with her husband, Charat Singh. One of her daughters, Pushpata Lata, was married to the Maharaja of Gwalior, and recently the young woman had died during childbirth. Overcome with grief, the Maharani became like a mad woman, and had she not met Baba at this time she would surely have become mentally deranged.

During this disturbed period, the Maharani found out about Meher Baba and, one evening, came to his bungalow accompanied by her husband. Eruch was sitting outside on the veranda with Baba, who asked her what she wanted. Mohini replied, “Baba, I have come to you in great misery. I have come with a request.”

Baba asked, “What is it? What do you want from me?”

“I cannot live without my daughter. I want my daughter back. I implore you to bring my daughter back alive!” And she burst out weeping as she narrated her story.

Baba comforted her with the words, “Why do you cry? You will have your daughter back.”

Mohini, in wonder, asked, “The same daughter, Baba? In the same form?”

“Yes, the same daughter,” he promised.

“But her corpse has been cremated …”

Baba smiled, and his smile dissolved Mohini’s agony. “I am Paramatma, and nothing is impossible for me,” he assured her. “I have created the universe! Can I not make your daughter come alive?”

These words lifted the terrible burden from her heart and her despondency was transformed into hope. She asked, “Would you truly give me back my daughter?”

Baba assured her with a smile, “Yes, I am telling you exactly that. Now stop worrying and have patience. Your daughter will come back to you. All you have to do is to remember me and love me. Remember me constantly and love me as much as you can, more and more each day. Will you do that?”

The Maharani agreed, and light at heart for the first time in a long, long while, the couple left. Eruch had been interpreting Baba’s words and was stunned, thinking: “My God! What is Baba promising? It is not like him to declare such things.”

Eruch said to Baba, “You have assured her that her daughter will come back, but what will happen when she does not get her back?”

Baba replied, “I have the remedy for every disease and my treatment is infallible. At present she needs this medicine until her illness subsides. She was happy and you will see that her condition won’t worsen; on the contrary, it will improve.”

Some days later, Mohini informed Baba that she wished to sweep and clean his room herself. On Baba’s agreeing, she did it. She then asked for some personal article of Baba’s, and his sadra was given to her.

As long as Baba was staying inDehra Dun, Mohini was happy and cheerful, and inwardly leaned more and more on him. After Baba’s departure, whenever she remembered her daughter, she would write to Baba, who would reply that she must be patient; her daughter would definitely return to her, but meanwhile she should go on remembering Baba more and more. Baba indicated that she would see her daughter in a dream and this would be the sign of her imminent return.

Later in 1954, Maharani Mohini came to Ahmednagar with her husband for a darshan program, determined to ask Baba to finally bring her daughter back from the dead. But when in Baba’s presence, she completely forgot about it.

Some years later, when the couple came to Guruprasad for Baba’s darshan, Baba asked Mohini, “How are you?”

“Baba, I am very happy,” she answered.

Baba looked radiant that day and suddenly stated, “I am in the mood at this moment to give you whatever you ask. Tell me at once: do you want your daughter back, or do you want me?”

The Maharani gently placed her hand on Baba’s knee and replied, “I want you, Baba.”

Baba replied, “Now you have your daughter back. The whole world is in me, including your daughter.”

Baba gave her her daughter back by making her totally forget her. Because of her daughter’s death, Mohini came into Baba’s close contact and became his forever. Her husband, Charat Singh, also held fast to Baba’s feet, and their other daughter, Kusum, became ecstatic in Baba’s love. Kusum’s husband, Sardar Mohkam Singh, at first had no faith in Baba, but once when he was brought for darshan, he was so drawn to Baba that he made it a rule to periodically fix bhajan-kirtan programs at their residence inNew Delhi.

Maharani Mohini’s elder sister, named Bulandarshahr (the Ramadevi of Mukumpur) and her family also came into Baba’s contact. About fifty of her relatives had the good fortune to be at Baba’s feet, because of the death of Pushpata Lata. Thus the daughter was brought to life in Meher Baba’s love.


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