19 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (part-3)

(continuing from previous episode)

Out of his obedience to Baba and in fulfillment of the responsibility that his Master had assigned to him, the young man continued to live with his family, keeping Baba’s injunctions in mind, and every day he waited for the telegram that would release him from his worldly bondage and allow him to come to his Beloved. Because he was awaiting Baba’s telegram, and because he had to keep himself free to answer His call at a moment’s notice, he remained detached in the midst of his worldly affairs.

Three years passed in this way when at length he received Baba’s telegram instructing him to leave everything and come to Him. Overjoyed, the young man left his home in Delhi and came to Baba at once.

When he came into his Beloved’s presence, Baba seemed pleased. “I am very happy that you followed my instructions.”

He said. “But tell me, are you thinking about your family?”

“No, Baba. I have come to be with You.”

“Good. Now relax for three days, and don’t worry about anything. After three days, I will give you fresh instructions.”

The young man stayed with the mandali for three days. And on the fourth day, Baba said to him, “Are you willing to obey me 100 percent?”

“Baba, this is why I have come to you. I have no other thought except to be with you and do your bidding.”

“It pleases me to hear this, and now I give you new instructions, knowing full well that you will obey them 100 percent. I want you, to go back to Delhi, stay with your family and resume your job. But remember, I will call you another time, and when that happens, I will not send you away from me again.”

Naturally, the young man was crestfallen, but he did as he had been told and every day he would wait for the telegram to come from Baba. He was in the world, but he belonged to Baba, and he lived in the hope of receiving His telegram that would release him from his worldly burdens.

(to be continued)

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