20121203 – Childhood is the ideal period of life to take an interest in spirituality-part 2 (final)


Baba with children

Adults rarely attain lasting enthusiasm or longing. When I give a fascinating discourse or logical explanation about divine grandeur or spiritual bliss, even adults certainly become fired up with a longing to search for Truth and to fathom the secrets of the universe. But unhappily, their ardor and enthusiasm do not last long. The impulse of the moment rises and falls quickly in the absence of instant results. However, if a man were to advance toward Truth, experiencing different aspects and novelties of the path, his enthusiasm would remain pitched at the same level.

Seeing extraordinary sights or having extraordinary experiences maintains the longing for Truth, but puts great obstacles in front of real advancement. A strong tea provides a very good stimulant to the tired nerves, but it causes no real improvement in health; on the contrary, the general health is usually undermined with strong stimulants. Therefore, a person should not strive after the novelties, lights and powers of the path, which are many. The goal of life, the Realization of Truth, should always be the only longing and desire of anyone.

But even the temporary impulses of adults are not to be considered insignificant. However small or little the attempt in connection with finding the Truth, and whether physical or mental, it forms a valuable asset. The varying impressions of sin and virtue are spent, but spiritual impressions are not and always remain to one’s credit – ever increasing, but never decreasing. Hence, even the best attempts should be made for the temporary impulses to be expressed also. A few stand the chance of contracting permanent longing through chance contemplations in spite of their advanced age. Enthusiasm, inner impulses, and even temporary longings are to be welcomed as they often prove to be stepping stones to real love.

—www.lordmeher.org, p982

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