20121201 – Life after the leaving the Prem Ashram – Abdulla Pakrawan narrates

Many years passed before Abdulla concluded what Meher Baba had done for him:

Although people constantly try to collect worldly belongings with the only purpose of having all the things that the world can offer, considering them the cause of happiness, I understood that in truth collecting them, beholding them and keeping them is the cause of misery and depression, and that beholding the countenance of the Beloved with the inner eye – no, even with the external eyes – creates an immense joy and increases happiness. At that time I saw that Blessed Being in myself, in others and all around, continuously and without a break. It is very rare that, due to great fortune, a Perfect Master, with his infinite grace, mercy and power raises one to such heights.

In conclusion, I can say that I got a precious result from my life with Baba during those years in the ashram. Even though I departed from him and lost the inner consciousness of what I was allowed to experience by Baba – what I attained in the path – I was graced with character for life in the world – the worldly life in trade, in business, in community, with my neighbors, friends, dealings. In all that, I have chosen the path of righteousness, truthfulness, sincerity, and have not even a liking for material and worldly things as others do.

And I will say that although I could be wealthy and have land and houses in Persia, today I am living in a simple style; rent a house and have not an inch of land or any property in Persia. The result of my work is that whatever money I have is spent on the education of my children and in other ways for the care of others that do not need description. I worked free for the Iranian Red Cross for nearly twenty-seven years without taking a penny in salary. The Red Cross is in the service of humanity and offers the best aid that can be given to the needy at the time of disaster. I am happy that this result that I have is due to the life and due to the love that Meher Baba gave.


-www.lordmeher.org, p1044

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