20121130 – Abdulla Pakrawan’s inner experience in the Prem Ashram – part 5 (final part)

Abdulla seated beside Baba

A short while following this experience, the focus of my concentration was fully established and I was in constant remembrance. I was so immersed in this natural meditation that during this period, I did not care about food and did not care whether I sat in the sun or rain. Many of my days were spent constantly weeping.

It was in January 1928, when my inner state changed drastically. Sitting close to my Beloved Master, watching the sunset, I suddenly began to wail and scream and cry. My external eyes closed and my inner eye opened. I saw that my heart, my chest, all my limbs, veins, skin and bones were overwhelmed and ruled by a Being with such effulgence and glittering radiance that it brightened the most hidden corners of my heart. Awestruck by the sight of that Radiant Being, I forgot the world and all that was in it.

Completely unaware of the apparent world and the people around me, I spent five days intoxicated in bliss and unconscious. During this time, the continuity of this vision remained unbroken and I saw nothing but the glorious sight of His radiant and blessed being. I was in the height of bliss and joy because of this sight of Him. I enjoyed this unique vision of my Beloved and exalted Master, Meher Baba, within my heart and soul throughout these five days. The visions of his glorious face made me hear a voice within me declaring,

“Remove your shoes; you are on holy ground.”

Because of this blissful vision of Reality I understood that the world with all its belongings and luxuries is really like a dream – an illusion – and that it is truly a binding. I realized that getting hold of a true and Perfect Master is the cause of eternal freedom and satisfaction.

At that time I was told that Meher Baba mentioned to the mandali that I had progressed to the sixth plane, and it was then that I was called Chhota Baba.


-www.lordmeher.org, p1044

(Photo courtesy: Lord Meher)

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