Serve Master with an attitude of surrender

Baba scolded another of the mandali that same day but the man spoke back to him instead of keeping quiet. This caused Baba to explain to all the mandali:

Why do you get angry so often? You frequently break my orders. Then if I have anything to say about it, you get annoyed. Thereby your attitude adds to my burden. One’s degree of connection with a Perfect Master in past lives makes one eligible for the Master’s circle, whether he is willing or unwilling to obey. But to ease the Master’s burden, one should follow his orders. By your wrong attitude, you add to the Master’s troubles.

Suppose I want two of you to journey with me. One is unwilling and does not budge an inch. The other willingly goes. Both must be taken at the same time to the same place. Whereas one can be taken easily, the other must be taken with difficulty. At times it comes to this: for my work, the one resisting has to be shouldered and taken forcibly by me!

While shaving you, the barber moves your head from side to side, which you permit because you need a good shave. Similarly, if you want God, you should surrender body and mind to the Perfect Master and act as he says.

The waters of a river are for the use of the populace. The containers the people bring to fill with water are large or small according to their needs. In the same way, the Sadgurus are there only to give. They are the storehouses of Knowledge and unlimited blessings. Those who have merit can take as much as their containers can contain.

–, p667

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