Sanskaras (3/4)– How to be free from prarabdha sanskaras

To be free from prarabdha sanskaras,

– either the good sanskaras must overlap the bad sanskaras,

– the individual ego must be annihilated by service, or

-the limited self must merge in love.


Good sanskaras and bad sanskaras are impressions and both bind. Due to the evolutionary process, the soul gathers all sanskaras throughout, up to the human form — “animal sanskaras,” as they are called. Therefore in human form, where the soul is fully conscious, the bad sanskaras already overlap the good ones. If now the good sanskaras were to overlap the bad ones, what would happen is that both would disappear. Like the dream example I once gave.

Suppose you see yourself in a dream in which you enjoy becoming a queen, and it continues for a long time. If all of a sudden, you see a dream of a snake attacking you, you wake up — both the good and bad dreams disappear. Here it was good at first — of enjoying becoming a queen, and then the bad — of a snake attacking you. This is bad overlapping good. Both disappear on waking; so either the bad must overlap the good, or the good overlap the bad. But if already the soul has gathered impressions of greed, of anger, of lust — now they must be overlapped by their opposites — generosity, love, peace.

In the second instance, of service: when you think not of yourself, but of others, the thought about your own ego is replaced by thinking of others and gradually you forget yourself in serving others.

In the third instance, love: when the lover loves the Beloved to the extent of losing the self in the Beloved, then only the Beloved remains.

So, naturally impressions then disappear.

It is so easy to do bad and so difficult to do good. Why? Because bad is already there., p1890
December 1937; Nasik

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