20130124 – Events of January 1969 – Part 1

Beloved Baba in the Mandali Hall, Meherazad*

[As Amartithi is coming near, let us go through the events that happened during the month of January, 1969, as recorded in Lord Meher to get a glimpse of the suffering our Beloved has undergone for the sake of humanity. As these events constitute running matter, the content will be larger than usual.]


[July, 1968]
Meher Baba’s inner work intensified, and because of the impact borne by his body, each day after the work he looked exhausted. One day in mid-July, he remarked: “What a labor it is for me daily, during the hours when I work entirely away from the gross plane, to retain the link with my physical body. I have to take great pains to keep the thread-fine link from snapping!”

Baba’s exclusion work came to an end on July 30th, and from that day the reciting of the prayers was also stopped. That evening, Baba declared:

My work is done. It is completed one hundred percent to my satisfaction. The result of this work will also be one hundred percent and will manifest from the end of September[1968].

How I kept it going over the last stretch to its completion, I alone know. You cannot have a seed of an idea how crushing the pressure was, for it is beyond human understanding. On the final day, my body felt as though it had been through a wringer!

—www.lordmeher.org, p6641


[January, 1969]
Dr. Adenwala had studied Baba’s blood reports, and Goher wished him to examine Baba. Baba was not pleased with this intrusion, but agreed to let the doctor see him. After Dr. Adenwala entered Baba’s room he asked Baba to open his mouth so that he could smell it. He had inadvertently forgotten to bring his stethoscope, so Baba instructed him to put his ear on his chest to listen to his heart, which he did. He asked two or three questions, which Baba answered clearly through hand signs. Adenwala was amazed because, according to what he told Goher and Eruch after coming out of the room, no one could have remained conscious, much less cognizant, with such an abnormal increase in urea in the bloodstream, and the whole room should have been full of a stench, which was not the case. Baba was fully conscious and his mouth did not smell foul.

Dr. Adenwala exclaimed, “This is extraordinary! Still, for Baba to stay here is not desirable. He should be taken to Poona, where a thorough checkup can be done.”

Therefore, both the men and women mandali exhorted Baba to move to Poona before his usual time at the end of March, but Baba replied, “If you want me to drop this body, then take me to Poona! Otherwise, don’t talk of going there.”

… “If I give my darshan to my lovers lying down, would there be anything wrong in that?” he asked.

The mandali replied, “Of course not, why would it be wrong? Your lovers’ only concern is to see to your pleasure.”

But Baba’s deteriorating condition caused the mandali to worry, and they continued to wonder how it would be possible for Baba to give darshan for three months – from April 10th until June 10. They were apprehensive about whether his body could withstand such a strain, but Baba assured them: “It will be easy for me to give my lovers darshan, so you are not to feel concerned. I will give darshan reclining and that will be no strain on my body.

“It will be different from all previous darshans, and it will be the last in silence. It will be the darshan of darshans – unparalleled.

“Although I will be reclining, I will be very strong. My physical condition now is because of my work, but by then my work will be complete and my exultation will be great. A pauper winning a lottery can become so excited over his fortune that he collapses and dies. My fortune will be in my work being finished and in the knowledge of its certain results; but my exultation will not cause my collapse – it will by my glory.”


—www.lordmeher.org, p6696-6714

*  Photo courtesy: www.ambppct.org


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