20130326 – Hold fast to my feet and I will lead you on the path to Realization

A stone remains unmoved under any circumstances; you may kick it, spit on it or worship it, but all these things have no effect upon it. As long as you do not disregard your likes and dislikes, and as long as you do not become indifferent to being kicked, spat upon, slandered and ridiculed, you cannot hope for God-Realization. You have to burn up your ego. You have to become dust! Only the contact of a Sadguru can bring this about.

Consider a man who is well perfumed. If he comes and sits among a crowd of people, his presence makes the surroundings fragrant. Similarly, if someone passes gas, the place smells foul and people turn their noses. For that reason, you should keep the company of saints, whose godly atmosphere is beneficial to you. If you merge yourselves in the filth of the world, it will adversely affect your spiritual health.

For example, take a movie in which a villain annoys an innocent, decent man. He catches him, harasses him and wants to kill him. The spectators are fascinated by such drama and want to know if the poor man will manage to free himself from the clutches of the villain. If the victim overcomes his dilemma, the spectators feel happy; but if the villain gets the upper hand, they feel miserable. When the show is over, they realize it was merely a film – a picture on the screen – and the feelings that surged within them while watching it were without any basis. It was a mirage in which they were absorbed.

Your life is like that. It is a mere movie which has no substance to it for it is false – made-up. All that you see about you is absolutely nothing. Everything is false – an illusion, a play, a film, a mirage! Therefore, I repeatedly emphasize to one and all, do not be attracted by Maya; always pray sincerely to God and remember Him. Hold fast to my feet and I will lead you on the path to Realization.

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