20130323 – Transformation of a notorious criminal Satya Mang – Part 4 (final)

Boman B. Irani was married to Baily’s sister Tehmina. Boman became a disciple of Meher Baba, and he and his family had been staying at Meherabad since 1925. During one period, the Bomanji family was left alone in Meherabad. Boman became friendly with Satya Mang who helped the family a great deal. Satya Mang also kept watch for some years at Meherabad.

An interesting story reveals how truthful Satya Mang was before Meher Baba:

In December 1933, some galvanized tin sheets from Baba’s cabin over the underground crypt on Meherabad Hill were stolen. Baba sent for Satya Mang and asked him about it. He denied that he had committed this theft. Baba countered, “If you have not stolen these items, then one of your associates has surely done so. Find out and bring him to me.”

Satya Mang departed and called a meeting of his former gang members, but no one admitted to having perpetrated the crime. So Satya Mang said, “Meher Baba says that the thief is among us and his words are always true.”

Hearing this, one of the men, named Fakira, cried out, “If that is so, then you yourself are the thief!”

When Fakira addressed his former leader in this manner, Satya Mang boldly replied, “All right. First, we both go to Meher Baba. Then we will go to the dhuni and taking its ash in our mouths, we will repeat these words: ‘May he who is the thief die within eight days!’ β€œ

Fakira agreed to do this and both acted accordingly. After doing so, Fakira died within the week and later it was learned that he was indeed the thief. This greatly impressed Satya Mang’s former gang members and put a stop to their criminal tendencies, much to the relief of the local populace.


…In spite of his often-repeated instructions to the men, not to allow a break in the continuous rhythm of repeating God’s name during the entire course of the poor program, Baba, at one point, suddenly interrupted the proceedings and signaled for the repetitions to be stopped. Pointing to the poor man standing before him, Baba introduced him. He was Satya Mang, the former dacoit and robber whose story Baba had often told. Although Satya Mang had fallen on hard times and was poverty stricken, he remained honest to his promise to Baba and never committed another robbery. He was a living example of the miraculous change Baba brought about in individuals. Baba informed everyone present about him, and they saw with their own eyes how a hardhearted criminal who had terrorized the countryside had been reformed through Baba’s divine love.


Standing among the poor was Satya Mang, and Baba once again interrupted the ceremony when his turn came and narrated his history as a reformed criminal. Standing before Baba, Satya Mang began weeping, and his tears testified to his love for Baba and his superb faith in him.


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