20130322 – Transformation of a notorious criminal ‘Satya Mang’ – Part 3

Baba's Birthday, Nasik, 1937


Satya Mang held to his promise and remained faithful for some time, but again his hands began itching with the desire for stealing. He stealthily entered a house one night to rob it, and was about to steal a few valuable articles when he saw Baba standing in front of him! His body shuddered with fright and he recalled Meher Baba’s words: “God is ever-present. He sees everything. Nothing is hidden from Him!”

Suddenly everything became dark as if he had gone blind. Satya Mang grew pale and closed his eyes. When he opened them, Baba had disappeared. Leaving the stolen goods behind, he hastened to Meherabad to find Baba, and later when he saw Baba, tears streamed down his cheeks as he confessed, “Maharaj, please forgive me this once. I have gone back on my word.”

Feigning ignorance, Baba asked, “What are you talking about? What happened?”

Satya Mang cried out, “God, you know everything. Forgive me!” and he fell at Baba’s feet.

Baba pardoned him because of his sincere repentance and warned, “Never do it again. Paramatma knows everything and sees all.”

Thereafter, Satya Mang never committed a crime or theft again and the police even availed themselves of his help in tracking down other criminals. Satya Mang made it a practice to be present at Meherabad every Thursday and take part in the gatherings there.

Faith in Meher Baba’s divinity was born in him and he completely changed. At one word from Baba, he was ready to sacrifice his life. On one occasion, he begged the Master for the chance to serve him. Baba replied, “When the appropriate time comes, I will surely give you the opportunity to serve me.”[ Satya Mang proved to be of help to the mandali when Baba left Meherabad for his Nasik stay years later. He was in charge of security during the mass darshan in Nasik in 1937, on the occasion of Baba’s birthday.]


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