20130321 – Transformation of a notorious criminal ‘Satya Mang’ – Part 2

“Can’t you find another occupation other than robbing people? What are the rest of the people in the world doing? Do you mean to say that everyone in the world lives on stolen property?”

To make such statements to this dangerous criminal was unheard of, for even the police were terrified of Satya Mang and his gang. But this wolf became like a lamb before Meher Baba (whom he called Maharaj) and humbly asked, “Maharaj, show me what I am to do. I am ready to give up this way of life if I find some employment to maintain my family.”

Baba replied, “That can be arranged immediately, but how can you stop stealing? Every blood cell of your body contains its germs!”

“No, Maharaj, I swear I will turn my face from such a life if provision is made for my children. Once that is done, I will never rob again.”

Baba then asked seriously, “Do you know before whom you are swearing? Do you have any idea to whom you are giving this promise? If you break your promise to God, your life will be ruined. God knows everything. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Maharaj, I understand. I will never repeat my past actions. I will never break my promise!”

At this, Baba stretched out his hand and gestured, “Give me your promise!” Immediately Satya Mang came forward and touched Baba’s palm with his own. Baba then warned, “If you go back on your word to me, you will become completely paralyzed. Remember this.”

Baba then arranged for the maintenance of his family and instructed him to come to Meherabad once a week. From that day on, the threat of robbery disappeared from Ahmednagar district and people were greatly impressed by this “miraculous occurrence.” Everyone was amazed at Baba’s intervention. For a robber like Satya Mang, who had successfully eluded the police for years, to submit to a spiritual Master and surrender to him was something unheard of.


–www.lordmeher.org, p812

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