20130412 – Nothing is obtainable without the grace of the Master

Giving other examples to the mandali, Baba continued to write on his slate:

Take this building we are sitting in as the house of God-Realization. There are pots, pans, beds, trunks, furniture and other things in it. Now, if you had no idea what these things were, how could you find out about them? There are two ways, either by description or by experience. The way of description, definition or explanation is long, impossible to comprehend and strenuous. But suppose you were brought blindfolded into the house and once inside your blindfold was removed. Then you would see the things for yourself and would know exactly what the house contained.

Say you were to blindfold an illiterate villager of Arangaon and take him to New York City. When you remove the blindfold, he will be amazed at the things he sees – things he never dreamed existed. Explaining these things to him in Arangaon would have been futile because he could not have understood; but by seeing New York for himself, he knows all about it. In the same way, even if I died explaining all things to you, you would still be where you are today. But experience will give you the knowledge.

God-Realization is possible; however, your eyes are blindfolded and you have no idea what it means. When I want you to look at pearls, you go after filth! Therefore, the first duty of the Master is to free you from the tentacles of Maya and then realize you. Once you surrender to a Sadguru, even his excrement will have to work for you.  What you now need is love and faith.

Leave everything – meditation, spiritual exercises, the repetition of God’s name – everything which is a burden to you. These practices will only confuse you more. What is the use of even going to a majzoob when he is immersed in eternal bliss and unconscious of the world and its affairs? Nothing is obtainable without the grace of a Sadguru. So surrender to him, obey him with all love and faith. Serve him and you will reach the Beyond.


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