20130625 – Avataric Advent – Part 3 (Final)

The Master merely diverts the current into the right channel. It will be one of my greatest miracles to bring together and blend the realistic West with the idealistic East; and the West at the zenith of its material and intellectual attainment and the East at the height of its spiritual manifestation in the shape of the Avatar will meet without shaming or looking down upon each other.

I repeat, materialism and spirituality must go hand in hand. The balance of head and heart must be maintained; the head for discrimination, the heart for feeling, whereby it is possible to realize infinite consciousness in art, science, nature and in every phase of life.

I have become one with the infinite Source of everything. This is the state of Christ Consciousness. If people call me the Messiah, Savior, Redeemer, it does not affect me. Terms and names do not matter. What really matters is the state of Christ Consciousness that I eternally enjoy and toward which I shall lead all who come to me. When I speak, my original message will be delivered to the world and it will have to be accepted.

The ability to perform miracles does not necessarily connote high spirituality. Anyone who has reached the Christ Consciousness can perform them. People must not come to me merely for help in their physical infirmities or for material purposes. I shall perform miracles when the time and situation demand and not to satisfy mere idle curiosity. Spiritual healing is by far the greatest healing, and this is what I intend to give. The highest is latent in everyone, but has to be manifested.


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