20130729 – Working methods of Baba


Baba continued, explaining about his own working:

There are three principal ways in which I work: individually, collectively with crowds for the masses, and universally.  When I work individually, it is with persons who are with me, or persons who are away from me, or persons who are connected with me. In some cases, I work through their material downfall; in some, through their material welfare. In some cases, I deliberately bring about material demise, but I always have their spiritual upliftment at heart in the background.

When I work collectively, which is generally at plays, movies and sporting events – wherever people collect and concentrate on a particular object – it is easy for me to have my spiritual effect collectively on their minds.

When I work universally, it is through agents. My mind, being universal, is linked with every individual mind, even with advanced minds who are my agents; and so I am present and working through my agents in every part of the world. That is why at times while speaking to one person, my mind is working elsewhere. People have seen and marked me stopping suddenly in the midst of conversation, as if absent and away from the spot, engrossed in something else.

… Only those in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh planes, and who are conscious of me, know under and for whom they are physically working. They cannot see me physically, but their subtle and mental bodies see my subtle body, which is similar to the gross.
–www.lordmeher.org, p1882

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