“Suffering while serving others brings a better understanding of life”

L-R Nadine Tolstoy, Norina Matchabelli, Mercedes D Acosta Meher Baba and William Hurlbut

To Nadine Tolstoy, on November 22nd, Baba wrote:

Trials and hardships are stepping stones to spirituality. They lead you on to your ultimate aim and desire — to realize the Truth — and now that you have surrendered yourself to me, they bring you closer to me, in love and devotion.

Sufferings in selflessly serving others also bring a better understanding of things in life … So carry on, dearest, as you are, always keeping me in mind and at heart, as you do. You will thereby be a pure channel and a vehicle for me to work through for the welfare of humanity, and thus participate in my great work.

-www.lordmeher.org, 1692
Nov, 1935; Meherabad

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