The Easiest Way To Reach God


An accountant in a local bank, named Kewal Singh, asked Baba, “What is the easiest way to reach God?”

“Love God so much […]

“Without this love, life is not worth living”

We should dedicate our life to God or the Perfect Master. This means that we should dedicate our happiness and sufferings, our virtues and […]

Want Nothing

Pleader, who had originally joined Baba to attain God-Realization, had recently returned from Bombay and had been confronting Baba for several days, saying, “According […]

Conquering anger is real courage

During this period, Gustadji was apparently busy all the time and thought he was working the hardest of anyone. When the other mandali were […]

The relief for every kind of suffering is within ourselves


People of all religions and communities poured in for Baba’s darshan, including the poorest and the richest of the town. During the darshan, […]

The least trace of hypocrisy keeps Him away from us

“God is the Only One worth living for and dying for. If we love Him intensely, honestly, without the least hypocrisy, we find Him […]

Love for God is most expressed when we give happiness to others


“God is equally within us all, and we must love Him and realize Him. Then all our suffering comes to an end. […]

Real Darshan

I am happy to be in your midst. It is the love of some of my lovers that has drawn you all together today […]

Working for Baba – Part 2 (Final)

Do not get involved in controversies, societies, factions, or such affairs. I wish you to work wholeheartedly as one unit, as one center for […]

Working for Baba – Part 1

Baba called Kutumb Sastri to Dehra Dun to discuss the Andhra programs. On Sunday, July 26th, in the course of the conversation, […]