Intellect cannot grasp the ways of Perfect Masters – Part 2 (Final)

Baba spoke about other Perfect Masters the same day:

Ramakrishna Paramhansa was uneducated. One day a man approached him desiring to give a piece […]

Intellect cannot grasp the ways of Perfect Masters – Part 1

On the morning of Good Friday, 15 April 1960, Baba explained about the Perfect Master Bayazid:

Bayazid was a Qutub, well known in the […]

“It is best that you stick to me alone”


During one session (on 30 May), Baba told his lovers:

I often warn my lovers not to visit any saints. Why do I […]

“By surrendering to me both his good and bad, anyone can be free.”

Baba embraced them and asked Dedolchow about his difficulties, and he described the rigors of life at sea as a merchant marine. He also […]

“The real danger of these experiences is that it misleads the seeker into thinking that he has reached the Goal”

Baba opened the proceedings by remarking:

It is said that I am envious, that I do not like to see people getting attached to […]

“If you see a snake think of me and say my name.”


During the first few days of their visit, Baba kept asking Alain if something was worrying him. He would abruptly stop the conversation […]

Sahavas Experiences – “In that infinite second, I knew exactly that I had come home”


Alain Youell*, 21, was an English university student who lived with Don Stevens in The Hague (in the Netherlands). Stevens wrote to Baba […]