Illusion and the soul’s apparent bondage


On Sunday, 18 September 1960, Baba explained how the world is a prison:

The whole world is a prison, for the Soul experiences […]

“Do not seek material pleasure and you will find the spiritual treasure”

“Seek and you shall find” has become such a commonplace slogan that spiritual aspirants have begun to wonder what it means.

To them I […]

Mental consciousness and gross actions


During Baba’s present seclusion, he continued giving discourses. On Saturday, 6 August 1960, he drew a diagram and expounded on the infinite atmas […]

“We should not condemn even those who condemn us”


On Thursday, 9 June 1960, Baba visited the Hindu Women’s Rescue Home, an institution for neglected women and abandoned children. First the teachers […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – “Time and space are no barriers for me” Part 6 (Final)

As he would sit before Baba each day, at times thoughts would come into his mind such as: “I want to stay here and […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 5

Someone said, “I will try to …”

“Don’t try,” Baba interrupted.

The more you try, the less are the chances to receive love. It […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 4

Then, Baba looked directly at Irwin and asked if he had a question. Irwin Luck recalled: “There was what I thought was a long […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 3


Another time Baba told everyone in the room to leave. Irwin began to rise but Baba motioned him to remain seated. Eruch was […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 2

Irwin sitting next to Adi at Guruprasad

Irwin arrived in Bombay in the early hours of 1 June 1960 and was driven […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 1

Irwin Luck with Baba at Guruprasad*

Irwin Luck, 22, of Miami, Florida, had found out about Baba the previous year from his younger […]